Gemar & Figli specialized in the sale of second hand clothing

Gemar e figli s.r.l., founded by Fabio Marseo in 2014, is a young company operating in the sector for the sale of second hand clothing.

Fabio has followed the family tradition with three generations working in the second hand clothing sector – the first generation started a business for the sale of second hand clothing in Naples.

The Marseo family played an important role in the growth of the second hand clothing industry, a sector that is now highly developed with many companies operating exclusively in the sale of second hand clothing.

Gemar & Figli is a young company, but at the same time firmly rooted in half a century of history and dedication to excellence. Gerardo Marseo, Fabio’s father, played a major and prestigious role from this standpoint. After many years of activity in the sale of second hand clothing in Naples, Gerardo continued the family tradition of working in the used clothing sector, transferring the business to Prato.

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Our production philosophy



one of the most important points on which the business is based is how the warehouse operates. The items of second hand clothes, after having been cleaned and made ready for sale are each moved to their own reference locker. Each product therefore has its own location so reducing search times when an item is requested.


Every bag of second hand clothing is disinfected using the Sanity K medical system. Packaging of the second hand clothing is a core concern of Gemar e figli: the customer first meets the firm though the packaging – which serves as the company’s business card. In addition, the attention paid to packaging allows packing and protecting each individual second hand item of clothing with the utmost care.
Esperienza consolidata


Working in a specific sector for 60 years is a factor that confers great prestige on the firm. Especially considering the achievement of continuous operation in the challenging second hand clothes wholesaling industry – which makes the firms results even more surprising. The skills contributed by Gerardo – fundamental to the company’s production process, combined with Fabio’s innovative ideas – have enabled the company to gain a high profile and expand both nationally and internationally with a clear identity.

Long-term relationships

The rapid growth of Gemar e figli in the second hand clothing sector is also the result of the relationships the Marseo family has built up and cultivated over time, gaining the esteem and trust of its customers. Long-term relationships also extend to the men and women who work for the firm. One of the company’s priorities is training its staff according to the principles on which the business of Gemar e figli is based: those who join the company become part of a family in which everyone is important.